The Trees

On the matter of the chestnut trees, the Parish Council is monitoring both trees on an annual basis. This is a significant cost in itself, and the Parish Council has concluded that, when the monitoring reports advise that further major works are needed to either tree for safety reasons, then consideration should be given at that point to having that tree taken down. In the meantime, the Parish Council is looking at how to ensure that The Green retains its character for future generations to enjoy by planting replacement trees well in advance of any action.
We would be pleased to hear comments from any parishioner. Please send them to the Clerk, Sharon Foster, 1 London Road, Daventry, NN11 4DA,  or submit below

Updated 17th January 2014

3 Responses to The Trees

  1. Steve Wortley says:

    concerning the old chestnut trees.
    I am very much against paying extra council tax to look after these trees. I feel you are throwing good money after bad on them. At a meeting with the parish council in the year 2000 after my son died as a result of the trees not being looked after, the representative from Daventry council advised you to cut down the old trees. The parish council refused bowing to pressure from a group in the village. since that time countless hundreds of pounds have been wasted on them as they are beyond saving and keeping safe. If you insist on spending money on these trees I
    I suggest you look at asking the people who campaigned to keep the trees to put their hands in their pockets. I do not feel myself and my family should be asked to pay to maintain the trees that have caused us so much pain.
    If you have to put notices of danger and fences around them I believe you are failing in your duty of care to protect your villagers and visitors from harm. It would seem that your attitude to health and safety
    is very slack to say the least. It is about time you came to your senses and rid the village of this danger. As for replanting, several trees have already been planted as replacements we don’t need any more. We are talking about village greens not areas for tree planting.

    Steve Wortley

    • Sharon foster says:

      Hi Steve. Thanks very much. For your comment which I will bring to the attention of the Parish Council at the next meeting which will be held on 10th February. You are, of course, more than welcome to attend that meeting.
      Sharon Foster
      Clerk to Badby Parish Council

  2. Sharon Foster says:

    Further to recent comments made on the website, the matter of the chestnut tree on The Green was discussed at the last meeting of the Parish Council. After some discussion, Parish Councillors reconfirmed their view that, as a long-standing feature of Badby, the trees on The Green should be retained while it is reasonable to do so. The Councillors re-iterated their understanding that the trees have undergone major works over recent years which has so far proved effective in stabilising their condition. Regular annual inspections are being carried out but, at the next point when major expenditure is found to be required, the Parish Council will consider whether further expenditure is justifiable or whether to apply for planning permission to remove them.
    Sharon Foster
    Clerk to Badby Parish Council

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