Vision for Badby – minutes from March 24 meeting

The minutes of the March 24 meeting are noted below, for information.

Many thanks to all those who made it to the meeting on Monday. I’ve summarised our discussions and decisions below – please could you let me know if you have any amendments that you would like to see, or if you feel the notes do not adequately cover the things we discussed.

1. Timetable for the survey and associated activities
By end March – Finalise draft survey
April – Trial draft on selected group
May – Revise and finalise in light of responses, print copies (300 Household, 1000 Individual), develop online version
June – Distribute final survey and make available online
July – Encourage submissions, deadline end of July
August – Analyse responses, prepare results for presentation at Badby Fayre
September – Present results of survey at Badby Fayre (event format to be agreed)

During discussion of this item we agreed that focus groups, discussed on a previous occasion, were not appropriate at this stage. They might be used during preparation of a new Badby Plan if there were issues emerging from the survey that required deeper discussion and exploration.

2. Draft survey
We had a discussion on the scope, detail and expected purposes of the survey. Some felt that the survey had become too broad and was asking irrelevant and inappropriate questions. Was the purpose to concentrate on building development or was it intended to draw out a wider view of Badby, its culture and its residents’ life and activities? Concerns were also expressed that there would be too much data and too much diversity of views to analyse and reach conclusions.

Earlier discussions of the group had concluded that the aim should be an updating of the 2000 Badby Appraisal, and the range of questions in the draft survey took that approach. In the main it followed the issues addressed in the 1992 survey, with some updating to reflect 21st century living. It was relevant that the Parish Council was discussing with DDC the preparation on a shorter timescale of a document covering design and development, and a revised parish appraisal with a broad remit would complement this.

We concluded that the survey should stay substantially as it is (except for some changes agreed at the meeting) for the trial, and the respondents in that trial asked to comment on such matters as relevance, intrusiveness, etc.

We agreed that the survey should be entirely anonymous, with no tracking or chasing for replies (although an offer would be made to collect completed surveys if required). Encouragement should be given through The Link (and any other means) to encourage people to get back their returns. There should be ‘drop-boxes’ for people to return their forms anonymously.

It had previously been discussed that a separate sheet should be added on which individuals could offer their services and support for voluntary activities; this would inevitably have names attached. Responders should return that separately from their completed survey. The sheet could also be used to offer a prize on a random basis to those returning forms.

Action: Peter to finalise the survey (and add some pictures to liven it up) and print copies for the trial. Also to look into using SurveyMonkey to make the survey available online.

3. Trialling the survey
We should aim to have a trial of about 25 households across the parish (10%). The full address list for Badby (based on postcodes) was available, and every 10th address would be asked to take part. They could contact the group to ask not to take part if they wished, when the next address on the list would be approached in their place. The surveys would be delivered later with a request to return the response by the end of April.

The purpose of the trial was not to get responses to the questions but to ask people to comment on the form, the questions and the aims. The following questions should be asked:
(i) Does the survey make clear its purpose and what you are to do with it?
(ii) How easy did you find it to complete this survey?
(iii) Did you find any of the questions not relevant, too obtrusive or difficult to understand? (Respondents can either list the appropriate questions or scribble comments on the survey form.)
(iv) Did you find the survey too long, too short or just right?
(v) Are there any questions that you feel we should be asking that have not been included?

Action: Peter to pull out the addresses. All group members willing to do so to deliver the letters, and subsequently the surveys, to the selected households.

4. Focus groups
We agreed not to include focus groups or targeted meetings with the school, etc.

5. Finances
The costs of printing 300 Household surveys and 1000 Individual surveys was about £200 (online prices). We agreed in the first instance to ask if the Parish Council would meet the costs. Alternatively sponsorship might be sought from Badby-based organisations.

Action: Andy & Peter to raise with the Parish Council in April.

6. Data collection
Peter distributed a list of documents and data that had been amassed during the work of the Star-up Group and subsequently. In particular copies of other villages’ surveys and plans were helpful and we felt we should look for more of these. Census data and other statistics are only partly helpful at this stage but would be needed when preparing a new Appraisal.

Action: Peter & Andy to ask DDC (when meeting on 27 March) for relevant surveys/plans from other villages.

7. Communications
Andy had prepared a piece for The Link and Gusher (although it did not seem to have got into the latter) and had updated the website. We agreed that there should be monthly reports from now on and that a flier should be produced that could be put on the parish and church notice boards, put round at the ‘Tea and Meet’, etc. The notes of these meetings should also be put on notice boards. The village societies and groups should be asked to help spread information to members who live in the parish.

Action: Andy (with others) to arrange preparation and distribution, update website, contact societies/groups, etc.
All members of the group to use any opportunity to explain by word of mouth what the group was doing and what it was wanting to achieve.

8. Next meeting
Tuesday 6 May a 7:00pm (venue to be confirmed). At some point the group should hold an open forum for anyone to come and ask questions about the project.

Best wishes

Peter Cooper

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