Vision for Badby – update 22 March 2014

The next stage of this will be to deliver a Questionnaire to all properties in the Parish, asking for data and views on a number of topics related to Badby. This will be in both paper and electronic data forms. We plan to do a trial of about 25 households first in April, to finalise the format and questions. The Questionnaire will then be issued to all households in May/June, giving time to view all replies and publish the results of the surveys in time for Badby Fair in September.

We hope that every household completes the Questionnaire so that we can truly reflect the views and facts from all Badby parishioners, and enable Badby to establish a Vision for its own future that can play a part in Daventry District or Northamptonshire plans.

There will be Monthly updates from now on in all the normal media, but if you need more information, or want to help out, contact the group via or via the website or directly to Andy Witcomb via 01327 872010


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