St Mary’s Church Pew Platforms Project – Report no. 7

Monday, February 26: Electrician fitted two  radiant heaters to each of the SW wall and Chancel and they are working.  NICEIC inspected the installation work.  Making a temporary internal porch to keep stone dust out of church when work starts on porch floor. Timber trim fitted around base of font.

Tuesday: Freezing and light snow later. Archaeologist Tim on site.  Start removing southern porch floor slabs and laying out in church. Some slabs sawn along sidewalls because the wall sits on them.

Wednesday: Snow and freezing. The larger porch slabs removed, all but one slid out from under wall, and laid outside. The side walls look like buttresses built on top of the slabs, probably in C20.  The largest slab turns out to be about a foot deep and is probably the top of a grave laying upside down. It took a great deal of persuasion to move it a bit.  Rear wall SW ceramic heater installed and working.  The concrete floor was drilled diagonally to get the cable to the side SW ceramic heater near the door from the CW pew pit.

Archaeologist Tim examining the content of two holes in the ground below the rear platforms (in the NW one he found a very rusty tin can and a broken cup probably from the 1880 works) and exposing the stonework and ground level under the pillar nearest the kitchen door.  Tim found some soil under the stone and thinks that was the original floor and that the Victorians dug out the pew pits to 15 inch depth from the existing floor level.  On the other hand the pillars look as if their bases may have been moved and the columns dismantled at some time!

Thursday: Heavy snow -4.5oC.  Architect sees the large slab and says it is too deep to go back in.  Where do we want it to go?  Stone Edge will need to hire special lifting frame to raise and move it –when the weather improves.  Colour of paint for exposed cables agreed as Olive Oil!

Friday: More snow. No show!

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The next meeting of the Badby Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and Working Groups will be on Wednesday 7th March at 7:30 at The Maltsters, Badby. All parishioners are welcome and there are 2 slots on the agenda for parishioner participation.

 Agenda 7 March 2018   Notes 24 January 2018

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Tea and Meet

“Take some more tea” the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly.
“I’ve had nothing yet”, Alice replied in an offended tone, “so I can’t take more”. (Lewis Carroll)

If, like Alice, you’ve not been to Tea and Meet yet, do come to the Village Hall on Friday, March 2 between 2 and 3.30pm to enjoy tea and cake with friends and neighbours.

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Coming soon….

the latest version of Badby and District film society’s monthly poster is now available. 2 films are being shown in March on the earlier dates of 22nd and 23rd.

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St Mary’s Church Pew Platforms Project – Progress report #6

Monday Feb 19: CE and NE pits cleared of timber and debris. Recovered and new oak platform side rails cut and treated with Sika wood preservative and fitted on waterproof membranes to CE pit.

The pillar nearest the kitchen is the only one that stands on a piece of very old walling, the others appear to stand on a brick base.

In the photo taken with the photographers’ back to the kitchen & toilet door, the top of the new (and old) floor boarding will lie level with the new piece of oak rail in the central aisle at the top right of the photo.

Tuesday: New oak side rails being cut and fitted on waterproof membrane to NE pit. Electrician installing first ceramic heaters (vestry and SE – working already).

Wednesday: Architect’s site meeting #2: Project slightly behind and under pressure but still expected to be complete by Easter. Clearance of the vestry cupboard needs to be put in hand and ways of removing it, so that the floor can be repaired, are to be investigated. The stone-matching colour to paint visible cables is being trialled. Agreed  to add ventilator plates to the eastern platforms flooring to help with underfloor ventilation.    Steel support for rear platforms is being made.

Joists being reset level with slates on membranes in CE pit.

Thursday and Friday: All the re-useable floor-boarding has been laid over the CE pew platform pit leaving the remaining half and the NE platform to be covered with new 24 mm thick boarding that is now being machined – 5mm thicker than current buildings standards. The cables for under-pew heating are poking through in the right places.  The joists for the NE pit have been sawn to length and put in place ready for levelling and preservative. Electrician has fitted ceramic heaters in the SE and by the organ and they are working. The radiant heaters in the NW are underway.

Initial investigations into the porch floor are likely to start next Tuesday.

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Extraordinary meeting of Badby Parish Council

An extraordinary meeting will be held on Tuesday 27th February starting at 7.30pm in Badby village hall.  Here is the agenda for the meeting.

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St Mary’s Church Pew Platforms Project – Progress report #5

Monday Feb 12: SE pew platform re-boarding completed.

Tuesday: lift, move and settle the font in its new SE position.  The difference in levels between the new oak rail and the eroded floor slabs in this part of the south aisle makes it important to replace the slabs with second-hand York stone at an additional cost.

Wednesday and Thursday:  Move the pews from CE and NE pew platforms onto the new SE area and remove the boarding from these two remaining pits.

Friday: The architect visited site and reported that there is far greater decay than elsewhere and that more boarding than anticipated will have to be replaced. The side oak rails are also decayed in places and will need some replacement oak.  There may be enough redundant joists from the rear (being assembled in the photo) to make good here at the front.  See Facebook St Mary’s Badby for a short video.


Our thanks go to all those who have contributed their time and money and to those who have made grants to this project over several years.

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Support Your Neighbourhood Watch Group – Update

Further to the post below, a meeting has now been arranged for 7.30pm on Monday 26th February in the village hall to discuss the way forward for the Badby Neighbourhood Watch Group.
Firstly, Colin Cripps and Denis Wilson would like to thank Viv Harris on behalf of the members upon her retirement after more than 7 years as our Secretary.  We could not have managed without you Viv, and are immensely grateful for your long and positive contribution.
We are now looking for someone to take over as Secretary and also somebody to act as Chair.
We are planning to hold a meeting for members and villagers to discuss the way forward in a few weeks or so.  The probable agenda will cover the following topics.
– Do you want Badby NHW to continue?  (Please note that the Police consider NHW schemes are useful both for providing and for disseminating information.)
– If so, how should we operate in the age of the computer?
– To invite volunteers to fill the roles of Chair and Secretary
If you have any questions or would simply like to talk about this, please do not hesitate to contact either Colin (702735) or Denis (300659).
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Badby bird notes for Jan / Feb 2018 –

 The hawfinch, a finch with a huge bill capable of cracking cherry stones, is usually rarely seen in this country and hardly at all in this area. However, this winter there has been an ‘irruption’ of the species with large numbers of birds arriving in this country, probably, from Eastern Europe. As well as its large grey bill, the hawfinch has an attractive plumage with a mix of colours including orange, grey, peach, black, white and blue. There have been at least two sightings in Badby including one seen in a garden in the middle of the village. They’re still around, so keep a look out!

In our own garden we’ve had a good variety of species visiting so far this winter, particularly in the snowy weather around Christmas, with siskin, redpoll, treecreeper and a single female blackcap amongst them.


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St Mary’s Church Pew Platforms Project – Progress report #4

Monday Feb 5: Remaining debris sucked out of NW underfloor ventilation passage and cleared through to the outside vent stones.

Tuesday: Electrician busy with power socket and heater cables; new vestry light fitted.

Wednesday: Oak rail arrived for the SE platform edge. Final loosening of font, ready for moving along the aisle next week.

Electrical fittings and extras agreed with T James Electrical.

Thursday and Friday: PCC decided on design  of stackable chair to be used in the new platform area.

New oak rail fitted to edge of SE pew platform pit and joists bedded on damp-proof material.

Location of cables for new power sockets and heaters marked ready for replacing the flooring.

Re-boarding of the floor with recovered tongued and grooved boarding started.

Mobile gantry for moving the font assembled ready for use.




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