What happens once a draft plan is written?

The plan is made available to all parishioners and to Daventery District Council for representations to be made. It may also be necessary to send the draft plan to other bodies such as English Heritage if historic buildings are affected.

At least six weeks must be available for representations.

Following representations the plan, with details of representations and how they were addressed, is submitted to Daventry District Council for approval. DDC will arrange for the examination of the plan by an independent examiner, who will ensure that the plan meets all legal requirement and the examiner will report his findings to the Local Planning Authority.

If the plan is found to be legally valid then the Local Planning Authority must organise a referendum within the parish. All those eligible to vote in parish local elections will be able to vote in the referendum.

If 50% or more of those who vote are in favour, the Local Planning Authority must adopt the plan.

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August 2015