Contents of plan

Below you will find the working draft of the plan to date.
Feedback from parishioners is welcome on all sections.

See ‘The Journey’ for how we got here

Badby Parish Draft Neighbourhood Plan  Oct 2017

This contains the following sections

  • Section 1 Introduction and Background : outlines the history, geography and demographics of Badby Parish
  • Section 2 Neighbourhood Development Plan for Badby Parish : defines the purpose and process of NPs and particularly in relation to Badby Parish.
  • Section 3 Key Issues : covers the consultations and the key issues arising from them.
  • Section 4 Vision for Badby Parish and Objectives : these have been prepared taking into consideration the results of consultation with parishioners as detailed in section 3.
  • Section 5 Neighbourhood Plan Policies for Badby Parish : sets out the planning policies to guide development in Badby Parish. Nine policies have emerged from the consultations and associated objectives.  We believe they reflect the consensus view.
  • Section 6 The next steps : details what will happen during and after the consultation.
  • Section 7 Appendices : contains the Maps referred to in the Plan, the proposed significant views, list of Badby Listed Buildings and ancient monuments .
  • List of higher authority policies referred to in the plan with some outline details and how to access them
  • Glossary of terms

Basic Conditions statement
BPNP Basic Conditions Outline Mk5 May 2017

Oct 2 2017

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