Neighbourhood Watch

Badby has a branch of the Nation-wide Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. This brings members into close partnership with the Police with the aim reducing crime in the area. We try to foster a caring community spirit in which people will keep a watchful eye on properties in the area and especially to try to support the more vulnerable members of the community. The Police value Neighbourhood Watch highly and support members with warnings of crime in the area and general advice on crime prevention. They see the movement as providing them with huge numbers of extra eyes in the community which can report suspicious events and help in locating vehicles. There is a dedicated phone link for Neighbourhood Watch reports.

The Badby branch holds two official meetings each year but there is no pressure on members to attend these and there is no subscription fee. Information from the Police is sent to members by email and those without computers are linked to a telephone cascade whereby messages can be passed on. Members might be asked to forward any warnings to the next link in the chain and to any neighbours who may not be members that they meet. Any suspicious events can be reported to the Police on the special contact number and there is a feed-back on the outcome. There is no suggestion that members should confront crime themselves.

We feel that everyone can gain from membership of Neighbourhood Watch and there is nothing to loose. Anyone interested in joining us should contact Viv on 704521

Updated 7th Sept 2013 BHW

1 Response to Neighbourhood Watch

  1. gcsspullinyahoocom says:

    Is there an email contact for Neighbourhood Watch please that can be used to seek items for the LINK or Gusher Neighbourhood News please?

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