Bellringing at Badby

ST MARY’S CHURCH BELLS:  badby bells

1 Taylor 1931 5cwt;
3 Watts 1623 8cwt;
4 Whitechapel 2000 10 cwt;
5 Watts 1623 13cwt;
6 Taylor 1822 14cwt tuned to E

We meet together to ring the church bells in the traditional English manner of full circle ringing to set methods of changes.We ring for 45 minutes before the 10am, 11am and 6pm services, please click here  for service times. We also ring for weddings and funerals as requested. Any other ringing is usually advertised in advance in The Link  and The Gusher (Daventry Weekly Express). The current diary sheet is also displayed in the church porch.

On practice nights  between 8 and 14 ringers come along including regular visitors from surrounding villages.  We usually end up in the pub afterwards.  

Bellringing is

˜  a fascinating exercise

˜  a challenge to your wits and skill

˜  a wonderful blend of sport, music, exercise and friendship

˜  change ringing attracts people of all ages (10 – 90), from all walks of life.

.. it is like riding a bike: if you can’t do it, it is very difficult but once you can, it seems easy and you never forget the basic skill.

Come and watch us on a Wednesday anytime between 7.30pm and 9pm and have a go!  Enter by the south door in the tower, not through the church.

There are about 40,000 bellringers in the English tradition and they form a world-wide fraternity in which you are welcome to ring in most places, simply by turning up on practice night or to ring for a service. The greetings are usually: ” Are you a ringer?”, “What would you like to ring?”

We support and are supported by the Daventry Branch of The Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers

We expect all ringers to comply with the Diocesan Child Protection Policy adopted by Badby Parochial Church Council.

The present Tower Captain appointed by the Parochial Church Council of St Mary the Virgin, Badby is Geoff Pullin 25 The Glebe, Badby NN11 3AZ
Tel 01327 871806 email


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