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Badby Sings has been set up to give everyone, of any ability, opportunities to sing. There will be no pressure to perform or sing on your own, and there will be no auditions. If you  would not call yourself a singer, but you enjoy singing anyway, then just take the chance and try one of our communal sessions with a professional choir leader.

When I first had the same opportunity nearly a year ago, I almost didn’t go as I thought it would be embarrassing. But I plucked up the courage, joined in, and I have reaped the rewards in many ways which I could not possibly have imagined. I now feel that I have to make sure that other people have the same opportunity.  M

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Our first communal singing session in September with a professional choir leader was a great success. Over thirty voices and lots of smiling faces.

Thanks for coming and hope to see you all, and many newcomers, at the sessions being held monthly on a Sunday afternoon at  2:30pm in Badby Village Hall.

Please bring a bottle of water to sip during the singing and £5 towards costs.

Badby Sings for health…..

  • Singing in a choir is good for you
  • Improve your ear for music
  • Grow self confidence and esteem
  • Connect with people
  • Strengthen your voice and posture
  • Feel a lot happier!

You do not have to be a good singer : most people can sing without ever having an opportunity to find out.

Contact us

– if you have suggestions about the kind of music you like, or particular songs you would like to sing.

– if you would like to help out or have suggestions for events.


December 2019

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