St. Mary’s Church Pew Platforms Project

The reports posted on the website of the progress during 2018 on replacing the platforms and the discovery of skeletons during the excavation work.

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Report 15 and final : 31/05
With thanks to Geoff Pullin for these weekly reports.

Museum of London Archaeology report.
Archaeological observation, investigation and recording at the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Badby, Northamptonshire .January-March 2018
Report No 18/106. Author: Stephen Morris. Illustrator: Olly Dindol
PPP MOLA Report 18_106 R

Archaeological investigation was carried out during work to the nave
and along churchyard path and in the south porch. The Church lies
towards the southern end of the village within an area thought to have
Saxon origins. The surviving architecture in the church dates from the
14th century with various alterations in the 15th, 18th and 19th
centuries. The church has retained its graveyard, although it closed to
burials in 1886. There were three soil horizons below the 16th century
porch, with 12 articulated burials. Beneath the churchyard path were
the remains of 27 individuals dated between medieval and Victorian
periods. The most interesting finds were a pewter paten and chalice
fragment found with one of the burials which suggest it was the grave of
a priest. The work within the nave revealed two of the medieval pier
bases still displayed some of the original mortared stone foundation,
which may represent part of an earlier church structure. Much late 19th
century restoration work was also observed.

December 2018