Root(e) family

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8 Responses to Root(e) family

  1. Laurie A Hamacher says:

    Hi, my name is Laurie Ann (Stevens) Hamacher.
    I’m on and doing my family tree.
    My mother’s name is Joann, her father was Ernest reger, his mother was Lavina Rulapaugh, her mother father was Oscar Root.
    Upon gathering more info into my Root family, I have found that John Root and Mary Ann Russell are my 12th great grandparents.
    Sir Francis Russell and Mary Ann’s mother are my 13th great grandparents.
    But that’s as far back as I can go.
    Could you please help me trace back further.
    I do know sir Francis was 2nd Earl, and his father is 1st Earl.
    I’d love to know more of my heritage.

    • Upon visiting for research purposes the public library of Daventry, near Badby, we viewed the “Badby folder” in their archives. In the Doomsday list of confiscated properties by King Henry VIII, and other properties, a certain “Rootes Roadhouse” was listed in Badby. Interesting to wonder if any of the current hotels in Badby was originally the “Rootes” Roadhouse.
      Upon questioning a geneologist in of all places, the Iona Abbey, he suggested the Root family most likely were Huguenots escaping religious tyranny in South France, most likely La Rochelle by the name or “Rootes” in the mid to late 16th century.

  2. Laurie A Hamacher says:

    If you would like pictures, I’d be happy to send you copies of what I have.
    I do have pictures of Oscar and Lola Root and a picture of his father.
    Please feel free to visit my

  3. Christine says:

    Thank you from the United States…I am a descendant too of this Roote family. Appreciate the information.

  4. Joe Jansen says:

    Christine and Laurie, I’m continually amazed by how many of us Root(e) descendents are here in the U.S. I feel a sense of gratitude to James Pierce Root for all the work he did in the mid-1800s to compile “Root Genealogical Records. 1600-1870.” It’s a gift that helps us find our connections to one another. It reminds me that our relations are everywhere, on the streets all around us. And I mean “all people,” and not just descendents of the Roots. The world is not so big, nor humanity so old, that our deep connections are not so deep beneath the surface.

  5. Brett Summers says:

    I sincerely appreciate the further research that we can now clarify that John Roote’s wife was indeed Anne Rushall, daughter of Winifred and Henrie Rushall which has cleared up a lot of confusion. Further, I am thankful for the new research that shows that the Roote family went to Milton Masor.

  6. ptleann says:

    Thank you for posting this page. The pandemic has given most of us more time to do research, and this week I found that John Root is 10x great grandfather. Other surnames associated with this line in later generations include Pomeroy, Baker, Rockwell, French and Hannum to name a few. I’d be most interested to learn if others have these links.

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