Parish Councillors

Richard Piner (Chairman)  Photograph of Richard Piner
Orchard House, School Lane, Badby     01327 704093
I have lived in Badby for over 20 years and have been on the Parish Council since 2011.
My main responsibilities on the Parish Council have been for the cemetery, Village Hall Management Committee and, more recently, as Chairman.
I am retired from work and my main interests are my grandchildren, natural history, bell-ringing, trying to learn Spanish, walking in the countryside and also running (subject to age constraints).

Neville Snell (Vice Chairman)  Photograph of Neville Snell
Hill Top, Bunkers Hill, Badby
I have lived in the village for just over 10 years and have served on Badby Parish Council for the last four. I run my own consultancy business dealing with large national businesses helping them improve profit through organisational efficiencies. I live with my partner Maddie, four children who come and go (normally when they are hungry, broke or bored), two dogs, six chickens and one very unsociable cat.
We moved into Bunkers Hill when we fell in love with the village and always planned to extend the bungalow, which we started two years ago and look to finish this summer.
I wanted to join the Parish Council as I believe that if you want to continue to enjoy where you live, you should contribute to your community in whatever way you can. Balancing running a business, family, social life, holidays and my work with the Parish Council and other activities is a continual challenge but I feel it’s worth the effort.
My hope for the future is that the people of Badby continue to enjoy the village and the surrounding areas and that the community sprit grows, enhancing what is already a great place to live.

Steve Chandler    Photograph of Steve Chandler
Ashlawn, The Glebe, Badby                 01327 703540

Katie Griffiths Photograph of Katie Griffiths
37 Neneside, Badby
Nigel and I have lived in Neneside Close for 12 years. I feel very passionate about where we live and our surroundings and I am very lucky to be able to be a voice for our street.

Joanne Hind
Rosewood Cottage, Church Green, Badby

Peter Johnson   Photograph of Peter Johnson
1 Pinfold Green, Badby                        07548 911599
I have lived in Badby for some 7 years now, having moved here with my wife Christine.  I became closely involved with the community as a Parish Councillor 4 years ago and am also the Caretaker at Badby School.  In my spare time I enjoy caravanning, both in the UK and abroad.  My interests include anything to do with cars, motorcycles and off-roading.

Ed Judd  Photograph of Ed Judd
4 The Glebe, Badby
I came to live in Badby in August 2016 with my family and, since that time, have taken a keen interest in local politics.  As well as becoming a Parish Councillor in 2018, I was the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Woodford Ward at Daventry District Council and received 178 votes.
My hobbies are reading academic literature, psychology, politics, philosophy and economics as well as composing classical music.
I aspire to become an elected District Councillor and to train and qualify to practice law.

Naaman Ostah   Photograph of Naaman Ostah
Sycamores, Vicarage Hill, Badby
I have lived in the village for four years, having moved here from Leicester with my wife, AnneMarie, in February 2015. I enjoy living in Badby and would like the opportunity to serve the community and give something back to the village.
I have previous experience in public service at Millgate School for children with special needs in Leicester where I served as a school governor from 2004 to 2008. Prior to this, I served on the Parent Teacher Association at my children’s school in Oadby in the mid to late 1980’s.
I am now fully retired from paid employment. I spent most of my career in the Higher Education sector, including several years as Principal Lecturer in Chemistry at De Montfort University, Leicester. This involved my participation in various national and international environmental research projects. I retired from this post in 2007.
I then took a (supposedly!) ‘short term’ post at Nottingham University as a Project Leader setting up and facilitating multi-disciplinary collaborations throughout the university, which eventually ran for seven years. I retired from that post shortly before moving to Badby.
I believe that the transferable skills and experience acquired during my working life will be of benefit in carrying out the duties of Parish Councillor.

Martin Walton  Photograph of Martin Walton
Underwood, Vicarage Hill, Badby    01327 300176
I have lived in the village for about 20 years, having purchased our house a few years before and working hard to make the improvements necessary to move in.  I moved from London with my partner, Judith.
Having served my working life as a joiner/shop fitter, I am now trying to retire but continue to work on general small jobs for nice people!
I believe that my ability to work with my hands on practical solutions to repairing and maintaining things around the village is what I bring to benefit Badby Parish Council and the Badby community.

Clerk to the Council  and  Responsible Financial Officer:     Frances Williams
25 Westhorpe Lane, Byfield, Daventry NN11 6XB
Tel. 07717 337048

24th February 2021

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