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Our current committee for 2019/20 is

  •  President : Kate Earley.  tel: 01327 700544
  •  Secretary and Drama lead : Kathryn Dickinson
  • Treasurer and Website: Ann Skinner

Committee members:

  • Margaret Cassidy: Secretarial Assistant and Publicity
  • Joanna Dring:  Programme secretariat and outings and Facebook
  • Jan Hupfield:  Refreshments co-ordinator and walks lead
  • Maggie Marshman:  Programme secretariat and outings
  • Lesley Snape : Assistant treasurer
  • Ann Syred: Programme secretariat and outings, Book Club and Culture Club lead
  • June Witcomb : Membership secretary and Data Protection

We also have several non-committe members who help with the running of the group and its activities

  • Mali Birt : Skittles lead and Thursday lunches organiser
  • Karen Brown : Knit Wits lead
  • Moira Cooper : Walks lead
  • Ann Cotton : Badby Village Hall Representative

Badby & Fawsley GDPR Policy v2 June 2020


July 2020


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