Election of Parish Councillors for Badby

Nominations for elections to the Parish Council closed on Thursday, 8 April.  As there are nine seats on the Council and nine valid nominations were received, a contested ballot on 6 May is not required.  The Returning Officer of West Northamptonshire Council has issued the attached Notice of Uncontested Election, and the nine persons named have been duly elected Parish Councillors for Badby. 

The term of office of the new Council will start on Monday, 10 May and the existing Council will remain in office until that same date.  A warm welcome to the new councillors, and many thanks to those existing Councillors who did not stand for re-election, for their service and valued contributions during their time in office.

Local elections will still take place in Badby on Thursday 6th May, to elect 3 representatives for the Woodford and Weedon ward of the new unitary West Northamptonshire Council, and for the Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.  Full details can be found on the West Northamptonshire Council website at www.westnorthants.gov.uk/councillors-and-democracy/elections-2021 .

Voting will take place on Thursday, 6 May at Badby Village Hall in a COVID-secure way.  If you do not wish to visit a polling station, you can apply to vote by post or proxy.  The deadline for applications for a postal vote is 5 pm on Tuesday, 20 April.  The deadline for applications for a proxy vote is 5 pm on Tuesday, 27 April. For more details see www.westnorthants.gov.uk/councillors-and-democracy/how-vote .

NB: Whichever way you wish to vote, you must be on the electoral register.  The deadline for registering to vote in the elections in May is Monday, 19 April.

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