2021 is Census Year!

The Census, held every 10 years, will take place on Sunday 21st March 2021.

Information about how to complete the Census will start to land on residents’ doormats during the week of 22nd February, in the form of an advance notice postcard.  The information pack itself will arrive during the week of 3rd March.

NB:  This will be the first time that households/individuals will be able to complete their Census forms online, and a family member or trusted friend will be able to help those who don’t have internet access or are not used to doing things online. 

If you would prefer a hard copy form you will need to request this specifically, you will not automatically receive one.  The information pack will give instructions how to request a hard copy.

You’ll also be able to get help from the special Census Help Line (the number will be in your Information Pack).

What the census is

The census is a survey run by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) that gives a picture of all the people and households in England and Wales.  All kinds of organisations, from local authorities to charities, use the information to help provide the services we all need, including transport, education and healthcare.  Without the census, it would be much more difficult to do this.

By taking part, you’ll be helping make sure you and your community get the services needed now and in the future.

Find out more at www.census.gov.uk

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