Badby and Farthingstone Cricket Club – January 2021

With the current lockdown restrictions the club are planning an online AGM using e-mail and Zoom for February. The club are looking to appoint some new officers in this time as they plan for the future and look to expand their activities given the increased support and interest they received last summer.

Club chairman Andy Nightingale is aiming to align the club with ECB modelling for governance to aid future development and apply for external project funding to support the move for attaining CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club) status.

It’s proposed to keep membership subscriptions at last year’s level – £50 full, £30 player, £20 social, £10 junior – with membership concessions also remaining at last year’s rates. This year’s membership period will cover up to April 2022 by which time the club hope they will have been able to able to offer some social events. Fingers crossed!

On the fund-raising front, club captain Charlie Ashmore has continued the weekly on-line sporting predictor event throughout the winter where club members and supporters are invited to predict the outcome of several weekend sporting events. Winning entrants collect half the week’s stakes with the rest going to club funds. It has proved to be hugely successful and open to all the local community.

So if you want to have some fun and support your local cricket club click here.

Graeme Whitcroft 

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