What’s going on at Canons Ashby?

As the gardens look neater and tidier every day, and we carefully reopen selected parts of the site, it’s fantastic to see visitors enjoying the open spaces or just having a catch up in the tea-garden.

Behind the scenes the garden team are working incredibly hard.  Recently they had a very pleasant surprise in their growing and potting area: Great Crested Newts hiding under the seed trays! There is a small pond nearby and plenty of insects to eat, as well as lots of shade and damp places in which to hide.  We hope they’ll stay for a long time!

As well as newts, hedgehogs have moved in as well!  We didn’t think we would get hedgehogs on this site as we have badgers nearby which prey on hedgehogs, but they’re here anyway.  Hopefully they’ll do well and keep safe from the badgers.

All the information about what you can see at Canons Ashby, and how to book a ticket, can be found on our website www.nationaltrust.org.uk/canons-ashby .  The page called “What to expect when visiting Canons Ashby” gives you plenty of information.  Currently you need to book a ticket before 3pm the previous day to come in: do this in the “what’s on” section.

Posted on behalf of Helena Avery-Clarke
Visitor Experience Officer, Canons Ashby

Visit us at  www.nationaltrust.org.uk/canons-ashby
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @canonsashbynt


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