Broadband in Badby

Having received comments from local residents on the speed and reliability of broadband in the village, I would be interested to know how happy other people are with their broadband performance.

I expect that, due to the lock-down, some people are working from home for the first time and others are spending more time working at home than they normally do.  Also, others may be using internet tools such as Zoom, Whatsapp, etc. more widely than usual to conduct regular video calls with family and friends.

Please let me know by emailing

Richard Piner
Chairman – Badby Parish Council

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3 Responses to Broadband in Badby

  1. David Hartshorn says:

    Internet in Badby.
    For some time we have had poor internet from Plusnet. We are supposed to get “up to” 24Mbps but we have been getting less than 3Mbps. After considerable fiddling by the technicians at Plusnet we managed to get a download speed up to 3.55Mbps and upload speed of 0.7Mbps. Fibre is not considered a starter as the box bringing it to the village is half a mile down on the main road. I would subscribe to a scheme to have our own service possibly sited in the church tower. Any suggestions from the tech savvy members of the community?

    • TBM says:

      If you go here
      Enter your house no. Postcode and the Captcha nonsense it will reveal what connection speed your line should provide and if FTTC is available. If FTTC isn’t available and the reported possible line speed is roughly what you get an alternative may be “HomeFi” if you have a resonable mobile signal (internet over a mobile signal instead of Openreach copper). A new router with a SIM card in it on the relevant data plan is all you need.
      If your actual speed is way down on what the website suggests it is probably an internal wiring isue in your house, wired incorrectly just the wiring to an extension socket with no phone plugged in will bring the connection speed way down.

  2. TBM says:

    Announced yesterday 29/7/20 it looks like Daventry (including Badby looking at this map) is going to get FTTP (full fibre). 900+Mbs downloads should be available within the next 3 years in Badby.

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