DDC: Climate Emergency Task Panel

Daventry District Council has formed a cross-party task panel to examine what more the Council can do to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

“Global warming is perhaps the most serious threat we are facing. It’s not just about record temperatures and severe storms – unless we can drastically reduce our emissions, our food supply will be at risk, many areas will be threatened with rising sea levels and many communities around the world will face catastrophic floods and famines,” said Cllr Ken Ritchie, the task panel leader.

“The UN has predicted that we have only 12 years to act before the damage to our climate is irreversible. That’s why we now speak about a Climate Emergency and not just climate change.”

“We will be examining what more the District Council can do to reduce the carbon footprint of its own activities because it is important that DDC sets an example for others to follow. But we all contribute to global warming through our use of energy and our lifestyles, and we will therefore be looking at ways in which DDC can encourage others – both residents and local businesses – to do their bit in reducing harmful emissions.”
Cllr Rupert Frost points out that the Government and many local councils have already declared a climate emergency and are preparing action plans in response to it. “In Daventry District we too must take action. There are lots of things we can do, such as making homes more energy efficient, promoting solar energy, and encouraging the use of electric vehicles, as well as planting more trees which absorb carbon dioxide. Some of the changes that are needed will cost money, but the cost to DDC need not be great.”

According to Cllr Jonathan Harris, “We all have a responsibility and a part to play in responding to the climate emergency. Unless we take action now, the consequences for our children and our grandchildren will be disastrous. That’s why our task panel wants to engage with residents across the District, working with them to reduce emissions and in a way that produces a better, greener and more healthy environment.”

Although Daventry District Council is likely to be abolished in 2021, the task panel wants to develop a strategy and plans which can be adopted by the new unitary authority which will replace DDC. “We want to put the climate emergency firmly on the agenda of the proposed West Northamptonshire Council, and we are therefore working in liaison with like-minded colleagues from other councils in the area,” said Cllr Ritchie.

The task panel is keen to hear from residents who have ideas to suggest, who have expertise to contribute or who are simply concerned and want to help. The task panel can be contacted c/o kritchie@daventrydc.gov.uk or on 07754165551.

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