More Guided Tours of St Mary’s Church and its Tower

43 people, all seemingly very satisfied customers,  have been along to our guided tours of St Mary’s  Church and to the top of the tower this year.

There will not be any advertised tours during the winter, but if any group would like one, please contact  Geoff Pullin on or 01327 871806.

Tours last about two hours with  refreshments available between tower and church tours.


Learn about the history of the building work and the workings of the Church in England over the last 800 years from the tour of the inside of the church. We point out additional information gleaned during the repairs and re-ordering that took place in the first five months of 2018.  See the new adaptable layout and easy access.



The tower tour includes the ringing room and the spiral staircase to see the clock room, the bells and out onto the top.  There are 81 steps to the top and some agility is needed to get out of the trapdoor onto the roof. So far all but two have successfully tried and succeeded in getting out on top to see the village from a very different viewpoint.

There is no charge although generous donations (Gift Aided if possible) towards the Restoration Fund will be greatly appreciated to enable us to start to look into roof repairs.

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