St Mary’s Church Pew Platforms Project report #14

Monday April 30: Received the amended Faculty allowing two skeletons to be removed from site for analysis and returned for reburial within three months.

Tuesday May 1:  It was agreed for archaeologists to start in the porch on May 9 and the builder to return on May 21.



Tuesday, May 8: The new stackable chairs were delivered by Irish Church Seating.



Wednesday: Archaeologist Carol and assistant Sarah  started on the porch at 8am.

The cctv system was used live in the ringing room at ringing practice for the first time – a good picture in daylight and in the dark.

Thursday: First skeleton revealed in March, was bagged, labelled and removed.  Two more adult skeletons were excavated: that nearest the church door has a skull cut across the face apparently in levelling the floor when building the porch in the C16 and the middle one has its skull under the west porch wall and it will remain there.  Neither appears to have any rib cage bones.  These two and an infant (alongside the legs) appear to be buried in dug out pockets. The middle one shows a changed colour of soil indicating a coffin.  The two skeletons were removed and bagged limb by limb.

Friday: The child skeleton was excavated and has a small headstone, the top of which may have been removed when levelling the ground for constructing the porch in the C16.

The earth between the two adult skeletons was removed thus making good progress in getting down to the base level needed for the new porch floor. Anna was assisting Carol today.


Susan filmed for Facebook St Mary, Badby with detailed commentary by Carol – see it at 

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