St Mary’s Church Pew Platforms Project progress #13

Monday April 9:  Cleaning up and Architect’s #4 meeting at 2pm.  Paving stones for the south aisle were delivered.

Tuesday: South aisle paving laid on lime mortar.

Wednesday: Before leaving, Shaun stained the bottom main-door filler strip. Ben Higton from Tamworth grouted the paving stones in the south aisle. See Susan’s video at

We formally took possession of the inside of church from the contractors on this day.  The main door key was handed back.  Using the surplus tin of stone coloured paint, I gave the older cables and conduits a coat of ‘olive oil’!

Friday April 20: There was a high level spring clean and Gill’s full team of cleaners applied TLC and lots of hoovering and polish the next day ready for Morning Prayer on Sunday using the clavinova.


Monday April 16: The cctv installation for the bells was undertaken by local company, Octech. 

The organ was checked and all parts of it seemed to work! So the three big multi-pin plugs and over 20 speaker cables must have all been put back correctly!

Tuesday, April 24:  We heard that the Chancellor of the Diocese will amend the Faculty so that only two skeletons can be taken off site for analysis and must be returned to the incumbent for reburial in 3 months, thus keeping our extra costs within reason, we hope!  We now expect the archaeologists to start on the porch on May 9.

The new stackable chairs will be delivered “next week” so we are suddenly back ready for action and getting closer to the full completion!

The church is open every day with entrance through the small priest’s door still – do go to have a look around!

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