St Mary’s Church Pew Platforms Project progress #12

w/c Tuesday April 3:  With work to remove the skeletons from the porch held up awaiting  clearance of procedures by the Diocesan Advisory Committee, the completion of the paths is also held up, leaving them a bit messy!

The carpet tiles and nosing were laid on the rear platform during the week and the in-floor power sockets completed.

The organ console has been put back in place but we still have to sort out the array of leads and connectors.

The temporary screen to the chancel and all the protective coverings have been removed.

See Susan’s video at

The electrician completed the installation of the lights and PIR detector for the path to the bottom (east) gate.

The inside of the church is complete except for the replacement of eroded floor slabs in the south aisle. New Yorkstone slabs were delivered and completed on April 11 .

We shall be spring cleaning  the building on Friday morning, April 20 (high level) and Saturday morning, April 21  (vacuuming, cleaning and polishing) before returning the many items that have been stored elsewhere during the work.

The builders handed over the main-door key on Wednesday.  The church is open during the day now with access through the small priest’s door until such time as authority to remove the skeletons from the porch for further investigation is gained.  Then the builders will return, complete the sloped porch floor, rebuild the internal side walls and new tarmac will be applied to finish the paths.


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