St Mary’s Church Pew Platforms Project progress #11

Monday March 26: Sun and 12oC.  Filling drainage trench with stone.  Rear platform oak edging trim being fitted to walls and pillar bases. [1623.jpg] Pew prayer fronts put in place on rear platform.

Tuesday: The framework from the doorway to the nave centre aisle was amended by the steelwork sub-contractor and the sloped boarding laid in place.  The drainage trench was filled ready for tarmac surfacing. [1625.jpg]

Wednesday: Raining and 5oC. Rob Hedges collected the extra surplus long pew.  Location for fixing of pew book fronts to rear platform agreed with architect and completed. Replacement centre under-seat supports for loose pews agreed.  Electricians were on site starting under-pew heater installations and carrying out tests.  Archaeologist Kamil on site to watch digging of shallow trench to east gate for the electric light cable – the last part of the archaeological watching brief.

Maundy Thursday:  Pew heater installations and testing well underway.  Platform carpentry being finished off and swept ready for carpet tiles on Tuesday. The tarmac for the paths will be delayed until the porch floor has been completed.  So it will be a bit messy if the weather stays damp and horrid! Any surplus stones and broken headstones from the paths and porch will be placed behind the west face of the tower.

Clearance given by PCC to MOLA to complete the investigation and removal of the porch medieaval skeletons. This will cost in the order of £8,000 +VAT!


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