St Mary’s Church Pew Platforms Project progress #10

Monday March 19: 2oC, snow from weekend slowly going. The porch outer paving stone lifted and moved with A frame gantry to lie west of the large inner slab.

Drainage trench and new piping continued with archaeologist Kamil removing and recovering disturbed bones.

Access to the church  is very difficult with the spoil heaps around!

Vestry floor-boarding completed. New platform flooring sheets laid out on framework. Oak upstand and edging delivered.

Tuesday: Warmer weather at last.  Rear platform boarding being cut and fitted.  Flower arrangers’ cupboard returned and one loose pew parked to clear front pew platforms.  Pews being replaced or put into their new places.

Vestry floor finished and cupboard back in position.

Electrician fitted under-pew heaters in chancel.  Armoured cable for east path lights installed in trench up to first bollard.

Lacy’s digging new soakaway pit with Kamil extracting many bones.

Evening Service of the Word cancelled due to difficulty of access to priest’s door.

Wednesday: Digging for the new soak-away continues with Kamil extracting many more bones.

Organ speakers and amplifier reinstated on top of vestry cupboard.

Rear platform floor well underway.

Architect’s #3 site meeting. Framework for final slope to centre aisle is not-to-drawing and will need moving back.

We retained one too many long pews so Frances will arrange its sale.

Susan videoed an interview with the architect for St Mary’s Badby Facebook.  scroll down to it from  here

Decisions about the skeletons in the porch will delay the completion of the work.  The inside of the church will be handed over on Monday April 9 but the porch floor will not be completed, but hopefully started! (-depends on DAC and MOLA)

Thursday and Friday: The slow excavation for the new soakaway pit was completed with Kamil retrieving bones – some 25 bags of them in total – for the Rector to re-inter.  Medium size stones are being wheelbarrowed into the soakaway pit, while the not inconsiderable amount of soil is taken away.

Inside,  careful fitting of special ventilated timber on the rear platform edging up to the walls and pillar bases is well under-way.  The flooring around the doorway cannot be completed because the slope in the steel frame has to be corrected – starting on Monday.

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