St Mary’s Church Pew Platforms Project Progress – report #9

Monday, March 12: Galvanised steel sections were delivered and a start made on laying out the rear platform structure.

The organ loudspeakers were disconnected from the top of the vestry cupboard. 



  Tuesday: Archaeologist Tim discovered a full skeleton west to east within the porch entrance.

Galvanised steelwork was assembled & bolted (M16).

The vestry cupboard was dismantled enough to move it into the nave. Half the vestry floor boarding removed.

Wednesday: Ventilation holes were drilled through outer north and east walls under the vestry floor.

Steel erectors completed fitting the platform framework. Rotten joists and floorboards were removed from vestry floor. 18mm ply flooring for the rear platform was delivered.

Archaeologist found second skeleton under porch floor. Quinton Carroll, DAC Archaeological Advisor, informed.  Lacy & Sons Ltd started to remove the tarmac from paths and started excavating.

Thursday: Excavating by the porch to find the rain water drain pipes to divert into the new soak-away.

New archaeologists Chris and Kamil are working on the porch skeletons (now 3 and a possible still birth) as well as keeping an eye on the excavation of the paths outside.  Chris will report to the DAC Advisor this evening so we know how to proceed.

New vestry floor joists installed on damp-proof membranes.

Friday: Lacys excavating path and installing new drain pipe. Archaeologists Kamil and Catherine on site for path excavations.  Porch awaiting DAC Advisor Quinton Carroll’s instruction.

Vestry floor boarding almost completed.


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