Badby bird notes for February 2018 –

For the last month we have had a flock of about a dozen siskins regularly sitting in the plum tree in our front garden. They make a great deal of noise and pay regular visits to the bird feeders. There are often one or two redpolls amongst them.

Recently red kites have been flying low over the village, possibly visiting gardens too. Kites generally feed on carrion or small live prey. They are not particularly strong and aren’t able to take rabbits, lambs, pheasants etc. but could catch small rodents or nestlings.


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2 Responses to Badby bird notes for February 2018 –

  1. Elms Richard says:


  2. Ruth says:

    we moved to Badby late last year. Have to say it’s fantastic to hear all the owls hooting from the woods during the night, and the woodpeckers beavering away during the day. I also saw a barn owl swoop down on to the verge of the A361 around 615 the other morning …beautiful.

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