St Mary’s Church Pew Platforms Project – Progress report #6

Monday Feb 19: CE and NE pits cleared of timber and debris. Recovered and new oak platform side rails cut and treated with Sika wood preservative and fitted on waterproof membranes to CE pit.

The pillar nearest the kitchen is the only one that stands on a piece of very old walling, the others appear to stand on a brick base.

In the photo taken with the photographers’ back to the kitchen & toilet door, the top of the new (and old) floor boarding will lie level with the new piece of oak rail in the central aisle at the top right of the photo.

Tuesday: New oak side rails being cut and fitted on waterproof membrane to NE pit. Electrician installing first ceramic heaters (vestry and SE – working already).

Wednesday: Architect’s site meeting #2: Project slightly behind and under pressure but still expected to be complete by Easter. Clearance of the vestry cupboard needs to be put in hand and ways of removing it, so that the floor can be repaired, are to be investigated. The stone-matching colour to paint visible cables is being trialled. Agreed  to add ventilator plates to the eastern platforms flooring to help with underfloor ventilation.    Steel support for rear platforms is being made.

Joists being reset level with slates on membranes in CE pit.

Thursday and Friday: All the re-useable floor-boarding has been laid over the CE pew platform pit leaving the remaining half and the NE platform to be covered with new 24 mm thick boarding that is now being machined – 5mm thicker than current buildings standards. The cables for under-pew heating are poking through in the right places.  The joists for the NE pit have been sawn to length and put in place ready for levelling and preservative. Electrician has fitted ceramic heaters in the SE and by the organ and they are working. The radiant heaters in the NW are underway.

Initial investigations into the porch floor are likely to start next Tuesday.

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