Badby bird notes for Jan / Feb 2018 –

 The hawfinch, a finch with a huge bill capable of cracking cherry stones, is usually rarely seen in this country and hardly at all in this area. However, this winter there has been an ‘irruption’ of the species with large numbers of birds arriving in this country, probably, from Eastern Europe. As well as its large grey bill, the hawfinch has an attractive plumage with a mix of colours including orange, grey, peach, black, white and blue. There have been at least two sightings in Badby including one seen in a garden in the middle of the village. They’re still around, so keep a look out!

In our own garden we’ve had a good variety of species visiting so far this winter, particularly in the snowy weather around Christmas, with siskin, redpoll, treecreeper and a single female blackcap amongst them.


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