St Mary’s Church Pew Platforms Project – Progress report #3

Monday Jan 29: Tidying up SE, SW and CW pew platform pits.

Tuesday: Architect visited. SW ventilation secured with a buried pipe.  Suitable and fit, redundant joists from CW pew pit retrieved and used to replace rotten SE platform pit joists.

Wednesday: Safety fencing and hard hats instituted. Lifting NW pew boarding (see photo), not so bad condition as CW.

Site meeting #1 with Architect: Agreed font step to be deleted and western pits to be cleaned but not repaired; Discussed reusing fit floor slabs – no decision; revised detail to entry floor and platform interface agreed.

Thursday and Friday: NW pew platform pit cleaned and NW air vent cleared part way.  North aisle way to kitchen safety-fenced.  Electrician laying power cables in floors. Seeking new oak edge-rail to replace the rotted one at the SE pew pit.





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