St Mary’s Church Pew Platforms Project Progress report #1


Monday Jan 15:  The Stone Edge site supervisor Shaun Linford from Northampton and the project manager Neil Nightingale were on site from 7.30am on Monday, as was the archaeological observer.  I asked for a price for cleaning the inside clerestory glass while they are removing the high level heating tubes.

On Tuesday  the electrician cut off the supply to all the old heating tubes and work to remove the tubes from under pews and around the lower walls got underway.  All the pews were marked up with their future destinations, so that those for disposal could be moved towards the main door for ease of collection before or during the coming weekend. Most of the large items that were left for protection were covered, but not the chancel screen yet.

Wednesday saw the first five surplus pews moved out. The electrician was busy installing the new control board and looking forward to what is under the vestry floor especially at the NE corner where it springs up and down!  The high level heating tubes were taken down (see photo with post 21/1/18 on Facebook  thanks Susan)  and the chancel screened off. The Fire Assembly Point notice and the HLF banner were erected in the churchyard and withstood the Wednesday night gale!

Thursday and Friday:  Frances organised the remaining  surplus pews to be collected and two more went over the weekend.  This leaves one to be assigned and removed.  One flagstone was lifted at SW and a floorboard in the SE.


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