Badby Church Pew Platforms Project –

The contractors have delayed their start by a week to Monday, January 15, 2018 but still expect to finish by Easter.

Work will take place throughout the building and outside, so the contractors will have to restrict access for safety reasons. Most services will be held in the Chancel with entry through the small door nearer Church Green. Look out for direction signs.

The work includes:

  • the sloping of the entrance path, starting February 12 and porch to remove one step and then
  • construct a platform one step high over the back half of the nave and aisles and
  • provide a second slope from it to the central aisle, thus providing a common step-less route into the church for pedestrians, wheelchairs and buggies. 

The platform will obviate the need to repair two of the five pew floors directly and provide a unified flat floor for the provision of chairs and tables to replace the pews at the back half of the Church. This will allow furniture to be laid out to meet many different events.

At the same time, we shall

  • renew the structure of the front pew floors,
  • refit those pews,
  • repair the vestry floor,
  • move the font (w/c January 29) to a more central position from the current position where it partially obstructs the entrance area,
  • replace the electrical heating system and
  • from February 26, improve the storm drainage around the entrance to the porch.

 Please take heed of contractor’s signs and fencing!

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