A361 night closures Nov 6 -10 –

Be prepared for disrupted journeys overnight from 8pm – 6am from Nov 6 -10.  The Highway Authority has made a temporary traffic regulation order to allow closure of the A361 from Stefan Way to Byfield between 8pm and 6am from Monday until Friday, November 10 for a deflectograph survey and coring at every 500m.

Both these tasks are independent of each other and therefore cannot be time controlled.  Residents of the sections closed will be permitted access to further reduce the impact.

The deflectograph survey measures the maximum deflection of the road surface at about 4m intervals simultaneously in each wheel path while the deflectograph vehicle travels at a constant very slow speed.

The close spacing of the measurements enables short lengths of weakness to be identified. The results therefore provide in a single survey both network level assessment of condition and project level detail where the need for strengthening is identified.

Although the measurements are taken on the road surface the deflection measured is the sum of deflections in all layers of the road, including the sub-grade on which the road has been built.

This means that the measurements reflect not just weakness visible at the surface, but also weaknesses that are developing within the pavement.

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