Celebration of Harvest at St Mary’s Church –

At 11am on Sunday, October 8 there was a service of seasonal readings and favourite harvest hymns followed by an English ploughman’s lunch in Church.  There was a good attendance of over 30.

We continually collect non-perishable food for the Daventry Food Bank so please bring any donations with you.

Here is a food list as a guide to the items that would be especially appreciated:

Long life Semi skimmed milk
Coffee granules
Tinned potatoes or potato mash
Tinned peas, carrots
Tinned Spaghetti in sauce
Cooking oil,
Gravy granules
Tinned fish, Salmon, Sardines and Mackerel. (We do have a large stock of Tuna)
Tinned meats, Ham, Spam, Corned Beef and Chopped Ham.
Tinned Meals, Steak, Chicken, Meat Balls, Hot Dogs, Curry, Chilli, Mince Beef, Bolognese.
Tinned meat pies single and family size
Sauces for pasta or curry.
Puddings, sponge or pies
Custard tinned, cartons or powder.
Rice pudding tinned or dry rice
Biscuits any kind
Tinned fruit any kind
Evaporated Milk
Jam any kind
Rice any size or microwave
Noodles flavoured or plain.
Mug shots any flavours
Cuppa soup.

We are always grateful for any donation but do have a large amount of Tuna, Baked beans, Tinned Soup, Pasta, Porridge Oats, Cornflakes.
We also give out toiletries when we have them. Shower gel, and women’s deodorant, hand soap or liquid are very low. (We have a large stock of shampoo and conditioners).

Thank you for your support.

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