The Maltsters Arms –

The following notice is posted on the front door:

Maltsters Closed for Repairs

Dear Residents and Regulars, 

Good news and bad news…

The Maltsters Country Inn is closed for refurbishment until further notice, thank you for your patience. Sadly the entire property has fallen into severe disrepair and needs extensive work.

On the bright side, we have secured a long term tenancy and intend to hopefully restore the Maltsters to its original state as a quality village local. 

In the meantime we will need local services for:

  •  Chimney re-pointing 
  •  Fireplaces and woodburners
  •  Guttering 
  •  External painting and decorating 

So if you are qualified for any of the above and wish to help please let us know!

As soon as the building is fixed up we’ll work on getting the bar and kitchen together so we can re-open the doors to you all.

If you see us pottering about, please feel free to stop for a cuppa and a chat.

Thank you all again for your patience and we look forward to meeting you at the bar!

Yours Faithfully,    

Merlin & Lucile

Emails to: 

Telephone:  TBC 

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1 Response to The Maltsters Arms –

  1. Merlin Griffiths says:


    We’re now open! Welcome one and all.
    Please feel free to drop in or call us on 01327 700393
    Look forward to meeting you,

    Merlin & Lucile

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