Keyboard players –

St Mary’s Church is seeking people who are willing to play its fine digital organ.

Any offers to play on an occasional, or on a rota basis, or for all services will be welcomed by Susan Rose on 01327  879053 or

Please contact Susan if you would like to have a practice on the organ.

For the technical, this is the spec. of the organ:

Great (12 + 2): {Open Diapason 8’; Stopped Diapason 8;  Dulciana 8; Principal 4; Flute 4; Twelfth 2 2/3; Fifteenth 2; Blockflute 2; Mixture IIIrks; Scharf  IVrks; Trumpet 8; Clarinet 8; Tremulant; Alterable Voice 1; Alterable Voice 2}.  Swell (12 + 2): { Open Diapason 8; Chimney Flute; Echo Gamba 8; Voix Celeste 8; Principal 4; Rohr Flute 4; Fifteenth 2; Mixture IVrks; Contra Fagotto 16; Cornopean 8; Oboe 8; Clarion; Tremulant; Alterable Voice 3; Alterable Voice 4}.  Pedal (7 + 2): {Open Diapason 16; Subbass 16; Bordon 16; Octave 8; Gedack 8; Choral Bass 4; Trombone 16; Alterable Voice 5; Alterable Voice 6}.   Couplers: {Great to Swell; Swell to Pedal; Swell to Great}. Total number of Stops is 31 + 6. It has a library of 64 Stops which can be programmed into the Alterable Voice Stops and it can link with other electronic musical instruments through a Musical Instrument Digital Interface  (MIDI).

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