Badby Bird Notes for November 2016 –

Fieldfare and redwing, thrushes from Scandinavia that spend the winter in Britain, can now be seen feeding on berries and flying overhead – noisily in the case of fieldfares with their loud, chattering calls.

Another visitor from Scandinavia, the waxwing, is likely to be present in large numbers this winter. Many of these colourful birds have already been seen on the east side of the country. The last time there was a waxwing ‘irruption’ (irregular large migration of a particular species) was four years ago. At the time, a Badby resident saw one in the village so it’s worth keeping a look out. Waxwings are starling sized, have a large crest, mainly buff coloured but with some black, white, red and a yellow tip to the tail.


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1 Response to Badby Bird Notes for November 2016 –

  1. Rachel says:

    There’s a flock of about 200 up in Kirkhill (near Inverness) – been seeing them for about a week

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