A361 Junction – try this …..

Members of the Parish Council met with NCC Highways this week to discuss the dangers of entry to, and exit from, the village onto the A361.

It is suggested that drivers leaving the village – to either Daventry or Banbury – start to use the left fork exit (Pinfold Green) from the village, rather than the right fork.

There is a better view of traffic approaching from either direction, and it avoids a potential collision with vehicles entering the village from the Daventry direction. This especially applies now, when more vehicles are using this area for the new house being built there.

Badby School is being asked to communicate this advice to parents on the school run each day, and it is clear that if fewer vehicles use the same exit/entrance, the chance of a serious collision – one which all local drivers are aware of – will be much reduced.

Spread the word – try it yourself!!



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