Badby Bird Notes for October 2015 –

There has been a lot of night-time activity from tawny owls around the village recently.  This has been a mixture of their shrill ‘kewick’ call and equally familiar drawn out hooting song.

Nuthatches have also been vocal during the day but more visible too with regular visits to feeders.

In our garden, finches and blackbirds have been in short supply although some are now starting to reappear as the weather gets cooler and there’s possibly less naturally available food around. The vast majority of birds visiting our feeders at the moment are tits, particularly coal tits, dashing to and fro and chasing each other around the garden.


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1 Response to Badby Bird Notes for October 2015 –

  1. Judy says:

    We had to start shutting our bedroom window at night because it is becoming too noisy with all the birds and wildlife – to include the foxes screeching! And then we are woken every morning at the first glimpse of sunrise by the neighbour’s cockerel. The joys of rural life!!

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