Fear of major accident at A361 entrance to Badby

Several parishioners have expressed concerns over the imminent danger of a major accident where Pinfold Green meets the A361, due to the construction of a new house close to the junction.

It has been reported that police have said that the contractors’ vehicles parked daily close to the junction – which leave little or no room for two vehicles to pass – are not parked illegally, and as such can do nothing about the situation. When approached recently by a concerned parishioner, one contractor made it clear they were not parking illegally, and refused to move the vehicles.

If YOU share some peoples’ concern that a major accident – with potential injuries to Badby residents or visitors – is imminent unless some action is taken to move such vehicles further away from the danger area, then contact Daventry police to voice your concerns.
Daventry Police Station
New Street, Daventry NN11 4BS
Email:- SCT-DaventryTown@northants.pnn.police.uk
Phone: 101

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1 Response to Fear of major accident at A361 entrance to Badby

  1. S. says:

    A little late for all your concerns.
    Planning permission has been granted.
    Workmen are only doing their job and as policemen say it is not an offence.
    Maybe the parking will slow the school runners down in their entry to and from the village!
    Just drive slowly.

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