Badby Parish Council election – May 7th

Have you thought about standing for the Parish Council? Badby needs your contribution!

This is your opportunity to contribute to the life and development of Badby! On the 7 May, the same day as the general election, many local Town and Parish Councils, including Badby, will be holding elections for their Councillors for the next four years.

So if you feel you’ve something to offer then now is your opportunity.

How do I put myself forward for the Parish Council?

There are 9 places on the Parish Council, and the elections in May will be for all places on the Parish Council – existing members who wish to continue will have to stand for election in the same way as new candidates. Badby residents care greatly about the future of the village and surrounding areas, and the current Council hopes that this will show itself in a healthy election with more than 9 candidates. If there are 9 (or fewer) candidates, then no formal election will be held on 7 May and those candidates will automatically be elected to the Parish Council. The new Parish Council will then be obliged to fill any remaining seats by co-option.

Details of the timing and process for nomination and election, including details of where to get your application form, will be included in The Link, put on the Parish noticeboards (on Pinfold Green and opposite The Windmill), given on the website and will be available from DDC.

If you are interested in standing and wish to speak to someone about what it entails then contact any of the current Councillors – names and contact details are on and the Parish noticeboards. Or speak to the Clerk, Sharon Foster (01327 310245 or

Want to read more details? Just click here

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