On Monday,December 15, Badby Parish Church was filled to capacity as family villagers and friends from far and wide came to pay tribute to this village character.

Roy was born in Badby, and apart from a period in the second world war when he saw active service as a soldier in the Far East, lived here all his life.

He always maintained that Badby was the finest place in the world, and saw no earthly reason to be elsewhere!

Husband to Mollie and father of 5 girls, his identity was deeply connected to Badby. A man of deep Christian faith, he was an Elder at Badby URC Chapel for many years. In 1985 he was moved by the plight of children in Africa, dying of diarrhoea. Discovering that a 5p sachet was all it took to save a child, he started the Mite Scheme. This involves people handing over their 5 pences to the Charity, which is administered through UNICEF, and to date over 7 million lives have been saved through it. He was awarded the MBE for his services.

Roy had a gift of oratory and the ability to talk to anyone on any level. He leaves a legacy of loyalty, laughter, love and common sense. We have been greatly blessed for having him as part of our community for so long.

Rev Jay Phelps

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