Damage to Village Greens

The Parish Council have asked parishioners to note that the arrival of winter, and soft verges,  means it is even more important that Badby residents with properties on or near Village Greens should be vigilant and take reponsibility for any vehicles parking on, or driving across the grass. It is against the law to park on, or drive across any Village Green, but more importantly we are reminded of the damage caused last year by heavy vehicles driving over the edge of the central green.

Visitors, workers, or delivery drivers should all be made aware of this please. Stone Wall builders also …. !!

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3 Responses to Damage to Village Greens

  1. Malcolm Paton says:

    Regarding damage to village greens, somebody needs to mention this to the coach drivers travelling up and down School Lane from the school during school term as the grass verge is being damaged on the green.

  2. gcsspullinyahoocom says:

    Vehicles in the UK can be up to 2.55m wide (or 2.6m for a refrigerated vehicle) and if we expect to be serviced efficiently (grocery delivery, internet parcels, white goods, furniture delivery, building materials, children learning to swim, refuse removal, drains cleared, phone-lines maintained, windows cleaned, roads swept…) we need to expect such vehicles. Cars parked on our roads (usually about 100 in this village at any one time!) reduce them to impassable lanes. Something has to give! What’s your choice?

  3. gcsspullinyahoocom says:

    How extraordinary! A sign at the A361 warning that the village is unsuitable for HGVs has just been installed right in the path of the only road into a fully authorised long standing HGV Operator’s operating centre approved by the Traffic Commissioners as a base for 20 vehicles and 50 trailers!

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