Vision for Badby – Where do we go from here?

A new Vision for Badby

As you know from previous items in The Link and elsewhere, a group of Badby parish residents has been meeting since the beginning of the year to look into the pros and cons of producing a Plan for Badby. The Group members, like most residents of the parish of Badby, are concerned that the historic Badby village and surrounding countryside could be at risk from development and other changes that are not appropriate.

Recognising that a plan must reflect the views and opinions of residents on the future of our beautiful area, the group developed, trialled, circulated and analysed the survey that was delivered to every house in the summer.

The response to the survey was good, with over a third of the households in the parish responding. This compares well with the turnout in local elections and analysis of the respondents show that they were representative by household and age compared with the 2011 Census.

The results of the survey are available on the Badby website ( and copies are in the Village Hall and Church.

Where do we go from here?

The Group’s conclusion, based on the results of the survey, is that a Plan for Badby is needed and supported.

The precise nature of the plan – whether it should be a full Neighbourhood Plan or something less onerous (but with correspondingly less influence) – is still to be determined. Whatever type is decided, the Plan will lay out the ‘vision’ the community has for Badby – what aspects should be preserved and what aspects would make life better for residents. It will include the evidence and statistics needed when putting pressure on local authorities and services to ensure that Badby is well served. The experience of other towns and villages is that Local Plans give a stronger voice with Daventry and Northamptonshire Councils in future planning and policy decisions.

Badby Parish Council has fully supported the project and is using the results of the survey so that it knows better how to respond to Daventry DC or to Planning Applications in a way that reflects the wishes of residents.

It is clear that there are some changes that many residents would like to see: improving communication, getting affordable houses for our children, making the roads and surroundings safer, adjusting to more people working from home, for instance.

The survey also gives a picture of life in Badby beyond just housing and development – people’s social activities, travel and work, the growing effect of the Internet and telecommunications on our daily life, the needs and expectations of young people and families, etc.

All these go to make Badby what it is and what each of us loves about it. People’s way of life and expectations are very different from even 20 years ago. The Plan will capture those aspects, and the values and concerns of the residents of Badby parish.

As a community we owe it to the future generations to help Badby develop to meet residents’ expectations and a Plan for Badby will help us achieve that.


The Vision for Badby Group needs YOUR help

To produce an effective Plan the Group needs more members with the appropriate expertise and abilities – in development, planning, community issues, public services, environmental issues, sustainability, local history/archaeology, etc. Despite the time and effort that everyone on the Group has provided so far, experience of other villages’ Plans shows that the current membership could not take on the whole task alone. It is also important that the Group reflects the wide diversity of parishioners, from within/outside the village, by age, gender, etc.

We envisage people needing to give about 10 to 12 hours of their time each month to contribute.  If the Group had 10 members offering that amount then that would mean a significant amount of person-power available.

One or two members of the Parish Council will remain on the Group to represent the Parish Council interests but Peter Cooper has stepped down to ensure he remains independent in his role of Chairman of the Parish Council, a position to which he has been elected since the project began.

If you would be interested in being a part of the Group producing the new Badby Plan, please contact any members of the Group, or email to before November 16th

For more information on the project keep an eye on or contact the group on

October 2014

NB This is also a loose leaflet in all Badby editions of “The Link” for November 2014

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