Rubbish dump on your doorstep?

It may have escaped most Badby residents, but a new rubbish dump is appearing on property near the top of Bunkers Hill.

The evidence is in the photographs, and here are some extracts from a letter sent by Badby Parish Council to Daventry District Council, asking for action to be taken.

“Parish Councillors and walkers have noticed that waste is being dumped in the dip behind the old garden centre buildings. It is felt that it is quite inappropriate for waste to be dumped in an SLA and the views are being rapidly spoilt. Moreover, the waste includes old tyres and oil tanks. This area is the catchment area for the brook that leads to the Nene, and the presence of these raises fears of pollution of the waterways.

The Parish Council is greatly concerned both about the damage to the landscape and watercourses, but also fears that the way in which the land is being abused could be used at some future stage to support an application for development, notwithstanding its location outside the village confines.

The Parish Council therefore requests that DDC look into what is happening on that land as a matter of urgency, and how the damage to the area can be stopped and reversed.”

We understand that DDC have agreed to come out and review this issue.

The long-term objectives of this are unclear …. plans to keep all villagers updated on this as it develops. 


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