Badby Questionnaires – the initial headlines

Vision for Badby

There was an encouraging response to the recent Household and Individual questionnaires, and the main results were on display at Badby Fayre on September 7th.  Many parishioners came to visit the Vision for Badby stand to look at the graphs and details, and were intrigued by the detail available.

Full details of the results will soon be on this website, for now here are some headlines:-

  • Household Questionnaire returns – 96 (35% of the 272 dwellings counted in the 2011 census).
  • Individual Questionnaire returns – 176 (28% of the 632 people counted in the 2011 census).
  • Comparison with election turnouts:
    • 2010 National Election – 65.1%
    • 2012 Local Elections (national average) – 31.3%
    • 2012 Police & Crime Commissioner (national average) – 18.5%

Main topics raised by respondents:-

  • Parking – Pinfold Green/A361, visitors/walkers, Main St, etc.
  • Housing development needs – perceived need for starter/downsizing homes, etc.
  • Children’s’ Play areas – good suggestions, many opinions!
  • Shop facility – what products? Where? Who?

Many comments were made by parishioners, and all will be available here, or by asking for a copy from

In October, the Vision for Badby group will be making suggestions on the next phase of this important topic, which seeks to give the parishioners of Badby a much louder voice and role in Daventry and Northamptonshire plans.

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