Vision for Badby – questionnaires on the way!

An update on this project. A group of Badby residents has been meeting regularly to look into producing a plan for Badby, on the lines of the Badby Parish Appraisal produced in the 1990s.

The aim of the Vision for Badby Project is to get the views of all 600+ parish residents about what they like and appreciate about Badby, and how it suits their life. We hope that the new document will give us a stronger voice with Daventry and Northamptonshire Councils in future planning or policy decisions. The group is supported by Badby Parish Council.

The group has drafted a survey in two parts – one questionnaire per household and one for every individual to complete. All replies are anonymous. Questionnaires will also be available to complete online.

All households in Badby parish will receive a copy of the questionnaires with their copy of The Link in the week of 23 June. We hope everyone will take the time to complete and return the Questionnaires.

Questionnaires should be returned by the end of July – to drop-boxes around the village, including both pubs, the church, and several houses. Keep looking at this website for all new news on Vision for Badby!!

Presentation of the results from the survey will be available to all at Badby Fayre on 7 September.

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