Vision for Badby – trial surveys

In the last few days, 25 households in the Badby parish, randomly selected, have received trial surveys to complete over the next week or so. The Vision for Badby group are seeking feedback and comments from these households on the structure and questions in the survey, so that when all 250+ households are asked to participate in May/June, everyone has confidence in the final questionnaire.
The survey and feedback forms will be collected from the 25 houses within the next 10 days.

See here for the recent history of Vision for Badby.

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2 Responses to Vision for Badby – trial surveys

  1. Anne Eales says:

    Surely 25 questionnaires sent out will not give a true representation of the villagers, because of this small number, I feel that there is every likelihood that the results will not give an accurate feedback.
    We will not be available when the results are known, but I would like the opportunity to give my input, therefore I would like to receive a questionnaire?
    Anne Eales

    • badbyvillage says:

      Hi Anne
      Thanks for your comments. To be clear, this is an initial trial of 25 households, to get feedback on the length, content and clarity of the proposed questionnaire. All 250 households in Badby Parish will receive the final questionnaire in June, once we have the feedback from the 25 random households this month.

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