Badby Needs You – update

During the recent wet winter months, several Badby residents have been meeting to further develop plans for a new Parish Appraisal of Badby, revisiting the one published in 2000.

The purpose of this Appraisal is to give a broad statement covering the village and its life, its residents’ wishes and needs, and the issues that the parish wishes to see addressed.

The group – a mix of people with varying years of residence in the parish (names all listed below) – strongly believes that this Appraisal can kick-start a Vision that will be in the best interests of Badby, both as a means to protect and preserve the core character and features of the village and also to guide any changes in the future to meet the interests of all residents.

The next stage of this will be to deliver a Questionnaire to all properties in the Parish, asking for data and views on a number of topics related to Badby. This will be in both paper and electronic data forms. We plan to do this in May/June, as well as holding a couple of Focus Groups, giving time to view all replies and publish the results of the surveys in time for Badby Fayre in September.

We hope that every household completes the Questionnaire so that the results truly reflect the views and facts about all Badby parishioners, and enable Badby Parish to establish a Vision for its own future in Daventry or Northamptonshire plans.

There will be Monthly updates from now on in all the normal media, but if you need more information, or want to help out, contact the group via or via the website or directly to Andy Witcomb.

The current group contributing their time, knowledge and opinions include Karen Alexander, Peter Banks, Ian Bromwich, Kate Brookes, Peter Collins, Peter Cooper, Jan Cooper, Brigit Cree, Clare Crouch, Kirsten Dollery, Sophie Fitzhugh, David Warren, and Andy Witcomb

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