Badby Needed You – and you delivered!

Many thanks to all who came to the Windmill yesterday, in soaring temperatures, and missing the Murray mania.
Thanks also to the many who arrived after the 77 year wait, after 17.25!
At least 60 people came, of all ages and Badby residence time. Notable was Roy Barnett, at 92 years of age the oldest parishioner in Badby to have lived in the village all his life.
Feedback and suggestions abounded, and over the coming weeks we will review what we have, and where we move to next in the project.
We are expecting more people who couldn’t make yesterday,to come in the hour from 18.00 tonight, and so if you’ve not already had a quick look, to see what we are talking about, and get involved – even if its only to guess where the photographs were taken in Badby – then stroll along and say hello tonight.
The Start-up Team.

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4 Responses to Badby Needed You – and you delivered!

  1. badbyvillage says:

    Thanks to Peter, John and June, also to Karen, Geoff, and all who helped make yesterday an encouraging start to the “Badby Needs You” project. See you all tonight!

  2. Karen Alexander says:

    Delighted meeting went so well and congratulations on new exciting web site. Look forward to reading suggestions from the villagers, glad so many people were able to attend.

  3. Ann Skinner says:

    congratulations on getting such a good turn out, looking forward to hearing about the next steps

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